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90 Yoga Classes in 90 Days

I was once a yoga teacher . I lived and taught at the Center for Yoga when I was much younger. That guy doing a pose both you and I cannot pronounce was my first teacher, Ganga White. He was a yoga rebel-badass. The CFY was pretty idyllic; it was arguably THE yoga center in Los Angeles offering a hybrid of classes unusual for that time. There were probably less than a dozen studios in LA. I was very young, with no acting prospects, but, by Krishna, I met many a great teacher and guru that wandered through town. I slept on the floor, practiced for hours each day and believed wholeheartedly in what I was doing. I taught many classes, taught privately, was hired and fired by Burt Bacharach in one day, became a vegan and smelled enlightenment with every ujjayi breath I took.

Cut to 2017. The miracle is that I've done yoga on and off for all that time. It's a practice, along with meditation and working out, that has kept me in both physical and mental shape. It's also a great tool to help me deal with all the ups and downs of being in the entertainment business.

I like making contained, but extreme commitments. It keeps me focused. I've done many of the P90X programs. The 90 stands for 90 days. This is a little different, because I'm committed to going to a class EVERY day. No matter what I'm feeling, how I'm feeling; if I've got an injury (I use props, skip a pose, make whatever adjustments), or, if 90 days turns out to just be a sucky idea. I go.

As it turns out - it's likely I hate yoga. I really do. I usually don't feel good while I'm doing it. Especially now. I'm very stiff, my back is wonky, and I really don't have all the up to date clothing. But mostly, my mind just loves to fuck with me. It's under the impression that it's in charge.

Lucky for me, I discovered this great studio, Electric Soul Yoga. It has a number of wonderful teachers, led by rock n roll, yogi wonderkind, Eric Paskal. They kick my butt. Every class, without a doubt, I am drenched by the end - but, I don't walk out in the middle of it no matter how uncomfortable I am. AND, if I'm listening closely, I learn something. AND I laugh a lot. By the end, come savasana (corpse pose!), I'm a wet noodle. Leaving the studio, I nearly float out the door, feeling clear, calm, vulnerable and, kinda sexy. Did I say that? I meant, of course, 'open-minded' and as close to a sense of spiritual as I can get. For that, I'll keep coming back.