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Book Cover: "Death of the Actor" by Kyle Secor
Book Cover: "Death of the Actor" by Kyle Secor

Death of the Actor

By Kyle Secor

In this provocative book, actor Kyle Secor (Homicide: Life on the Street, The Flash, Veronica Mars) invites you on a wild ride into the unknown where the me and the actor are not all they appear to be. Where the freedom of acting without an actor and doing with a doer may be the unimaginable, yet unavoidable expression of Love.
The author spent years interpreting life through the prism of the actor, seeking to get better, go deeper and maybe get better jobs. Nothing seemingly, was ever enough.
Until a glimpse of nothing was seen as everything. As the ordinariness of just what's happening.
This book is an expression of that apparent glimpse and the illusion of the actor.